I have created a medical treatment protocol that utilizes existing and proven medical therapies in combination with innovative new therapies based on my Four Pillar Approach to Chronic Pain of Reflection, Replenishment, Repair, Recondition.

Reflection – The process begins with teaching patients self -compassion and self-awareness through mindfulness techniques and coaching and when necessary referring cases to reputable psychologists in the Calgary area for specialized CBT and treatment for PTSD and chronic pain healing.

Replenishment – Education is the mainstay of treatment. Teaching patients on taking ownership of their health and using all options to improve their well being is paramount in their success.  This often includes restoring the endocannabinoid system deficiencies caused by pain and stress with organic cannabinoid medicines. This practice of replenishing a deficiency is my method of out-of-the-box thinking that has lead to my expertise in harm reduction. I have helped hundreds of patients in Alberta taper off  addictive and deadly opioid medicines by guiding the transition through education and personalized medical cannabis treatment. In my time in Calgary, I have developed a specific protocol and treatment plan (tailored to each patient) based on the ACMPR (legal access framework for Canadians) that teaches patients how to access and use licensed producer medical cannabis products as an adjunct to their medical therapy. Often the use of cannabis is combined with interventional procedures or other medications or as a primary treatment option for chronic pain and the secondary issues of chronic pain such as sleep disorders, anxiety, PTSD and depression.

Repair – My practice is an evidence based interventional practice that incorporates procedures like Botox® PREEMPT protocols for migraine treatments, ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks and other interventional radiology guided procedures performed with the intention to diagnose and repair areas pain. This technique of  using targeted pain control therapy is enhanced by the safety of using a real-time ultrasound image in office during consultation or follow up. This allows me to treat nerve pain in patients that were left untreated by conventional medicine.

Recondition – The importance of of rehabilitation is emphasized each visit with my patients because in my opinion movement means being alive.  I teach patients how to move again – with and without pain – with the aid of my allied health professionals in order for my patients to become more functional again.  People who have lived with pain for years, may after an interventional treatment, experience a profound change in their perception of pain and can become out of sync with their bodies.  I give them the tools they need to re-learn how to move whether pain free or not while they are in the repair phase of treatment.